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Our Courses are multidisciplinary; there is generic focus on chieftaincy, environmentally related courses, research methods, skills development, entrepreneurship, business and management skills to find out if there are major demands for them in our training programmes.

In as much as government and non-governmental institutions need to provided refresher training and capacity building courses for their staff from time to time, institutional weaknesses and lack of proper collaboration between KNUST and these institutions don’t allow this to happen smoothly. For this reason, the short course and special programmes unit will run demand-driven short courses and develop most of the content with its stakeholders through the conduct of needs assessment. The recent study by the World Bank indicates in detail that there are institutional weaknesses in Ghana and points out the need to address governance issues as a matter of priority in combination with the required capacity development and institutional change. For this reason, governance issues will be incorporated into most of our courses.

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Location: Short Courses, Institute of Distance Learning, Casely Hayford Building, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

Tel: +233 26 712 2221